Dr. Marius Buiting

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Thursday, 8th of February | 10.00 10.30h.

Marius Buiting is a doctor, lawyer and an expert in health care improvement. He is a well-known keynote in the Netherlands as well as in other European countries. Besides his affiliation as director of the NTVZ, he has been a senior advisor with regard to quality of care for over 25 years, amongst others for the CBO (the Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement) and as president of the European Society for Quality in Healthcare (ESQH). Currently he is the chairman of the board of the European Health Futures Forum (EHFF). 

My life is characterized by so-called long lines. Red threads which roll out and do not let me go. An important red thread is health care. Care-policy and the improvement of quality of care have had much of my attention. Quality of care brought me on the path of the NVTZ (Dutch association for non-executive board members in healthcare). When quality and safety issues increasingly appeared on the agenda, I was asked to share thoughts with the NVTZ and eventually faced with the question of becoming the director of our association. This work gives me great pleasure because the question of Governance of civil society and more specifically of healthcare and welfare organizations, offers me challenges. But also because the members of the NVTZ, without exception, are dedicated people with a long term of service who want to contribute to better healthcare.